Project approach 

With us every bike is unique, not only for the customer but also for us. With the approach to deliver the bike as a project every bike is delivered with the core values custom made, custom build and custom paint.

Custom made

The frame is made based on the personal measurements and wishes of the customer. We look at body measurements of the rider but also at the desired riding behavior. How direct should the meeting be, which level of stiffness and comfort is de rider asking for? The dynamic bike fitting is the starting point to answer these questions.

Custom build

In addition to the frame we look together at the parts which fit best to the desires of the customer. This goes not only about the group-set and wheel-set but also about rears, crank lengths, tire sizes etc. Bike tuning is a topic which will be addressed in this stage based on the wishes of the customer. 

Custom paint

Every customer has his own taste and we translate this to the bike design together with the customer and the frame builder. Based on the requirements of the customer a design will be made in an early stage of the project.


The project approach asks for good communication. For all projects we have an online portal with all bike specifications. Customers can see the progress of the project on this portal and leave questions if they have them. This way we have one place where all documentation is collected to deliver a special bike.


Project approaches work with phases and this is how payment works as well. From the beginning we work customer specific like the building of a house. First the foundation and after that the walls etc. Payment for the custom bikes work the same as the building of a house with 3 to 4 payments. The last payment is when the bike is delivered.